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Beans 195 mg MDMA


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beans 195 mg MDMA, issued an ‘extreme high dose’ warning because this tablet contains more than 195mg of MDMA.




beans 195 mg MDMA, issued an ‘extreme high dose’ warning because this tablet contains more than 195mg of MDMA.

1 review for Beans 195 mg MDMA

  1. Lisa

    Hello. Just found out our son (he’s 17) has been using this “molly” stuff. He’s been smoking weed and drinking for awhile, but now this–never heard of it. I’ve been doing some research….I don’t know what to do, I want to help him and/or get him help asap. It was about a week ago he came home–seemed dillusional(he was in the bathroom yelling for his dad was at work(he normally would’ve known that, but)….I went in there wanting to see what he needed–he had thrown up, the color was like a blue-purplish. I asked him what he’d been doing–he said he’d tell me later. I was trying to fugure out what could’ve caused that color in his vomit(whether it was energy drinks or what). I know he was doing something–drinking, smoking weed, or what, we weren’t real sure. But now that I have learned alittle about this “molly”, I was wondering if it was possible he was doing this along with something else. He woke up in the night with a really horrible, severe headache–he has a high pain tolerance and he was crying from the pain.
    I am so confused here….I feel like I have to do something to help him or whatever, but don’t know what to do. I’m pretty scared. I don’t know if I should turn in these kids or what would be the best thing to do. I don’t want something to happen to our son or to anyone else. And the other thing I think about is “other drugs’….if he’s doing this, then what would stop him from trying other very addicting and deadly drugs?? I know these drugs do cost quite abit of money…..our son has no job right now, so I don’t know how he’d be getting it, if his friends are just giving it out or what…… What should I do???? ? ?
    Thank you.

    • Milka

      im a junior in hs, I’m 5’7 125 pounds and im going to a concert soon, my friends want to take molly but im scared something will happen… they said 1 pill swallowed an i will b fine

      • Hubert

        Hello, my wife and I are thinking about taking molly tonight in powder form with yellow crystals. I know it isnt recommended but my dealer told me that if i ingested .2 of it that its a pretty good euphoric feeling. Can u tell me if it does indeed come in powder form?

        • Ecstasymdma: team

          Hi Hubert. Molly is an off-white powder generally sold in a gelatin capsule.

    • Ecstasymdma: team

      Hi Lisa. I’d suggest that you check out theantidrug[dot] com to learn more about coping with teen drug use in your home. You are not alone!

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