Molly is not perfectly safe?

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Molly is not perfectly safe?

Safety vs other drugs: Molly is not perfectly safe, though it seems to have a lower risk profile than alcohol

Harm reduction expert Emanuel Sferios estimated that he believes there are around 20 Ecstasy-related deaths per year in the US, or about 0.0008% of the ~2.7 million yearly Molly/MDMA/Ecstasy users.

There are about 88,000 yearly alcohol-related deaths in the US per year, or about 0.05% of the 168 million yearly users of alcohol in the US.

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  1. so i think im going to take molly with my friends at this concert and i want to have a good time but i really dont want to die. I want to make sure i take the right dosage. Does molly work like alcohol where like you would need to take more of it for it to affect you if you are a bigger person? Like i am 6’1? and 250lbs will i need to take more then my friend who is say 5’8 170lbs?

    1. Hi. If I take a very small dose of Molly (half of a normal dose) what are the chances of death 🙂

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